“A great opportunity which allows enormous financial freedom; Get started without having to carry out prior experiments”.

What is a franchise?

A Franchise is a business agreement, in our case, between “Vallas y Cercados ®” (franchisor) and a natural or legal person (franchisee) whereby the franchisor assigns the operation of the business to the franchisee, the legal right to use the brand, the “know how”, marketing and business development, etc., in exchange for some economic considerations, regulated by means of a contract.

What are the advantages of being a Franchisee?

When an entrepreneur decides to start a business as a franchisee, it has clear advantages over starting a business with no previous experience.

  • Risks are vastly reduced when joining a running business such as ours.
  • Synergies and collaboration with other professionals of the Brand.
  • Training, on-going assistance.
  • Analysis and continuous improvement of methods, products and processes, by a team.
  • Scalar economy, procurement and supplier selection processes on a larger scale and benefit.

“What are the main advantages of participating in the brand “Vallas y Cercados ®”?

The “Vallas y Cercados ®” brand has been operating since mid 2013 in the provinces of Almería and Granada, respectively. Over the years, the brand has commercially been consolidated and we currently have clients from both the private sector and public administration. Thanks to our impressive record, we have prepared ourselves to be a public works contractor, registered in the corresponding Register of Public Administration Bidders. The main works carried out are in the urban and agricultural spheres in their various areas and infrastructures, with topographic technical assistance in all of them. The Brand is fruit of a Technical Office creation that has been working on works, projects and urban planning since 1991.

Throughout these years we have strengthened commercial ties with suppliers of materials, machinery, personnel, commercial insurance, insurance, so on and so forth. We are keen to share the success of our orderly work and excellent conduct with other professionals and entrepreneurs to team up and launch the brand: “Vallas y Cercados ®”. We also aim to increase products, services and geographic scope.

We offer our Clients: “Services for the control and protection of the property perimeter”. “Engineering and Assembly”

How can you become apart of “Vallas y Cercados ®”?

The franchisee selection process begins with an initial professional contact between our Office and the interested party. It is highly desirable to have had previous experience in the construction sector, either as a professional, entrepreneur, architect or engineer. Leadership skills, business skills and teamwork skills are all essential. After this initial meeting, a “roadmap” will be established to ensure clarity.

What costs does the Franchisee assume to join “Vallas y Cercados ®”?

The remuneration to our company for the use of the brand, and added services, attends to these concepts:

1.- Scope and magnitude of geographical action. Variable input fee. Minimum population 40,000 inhabitants, where the franchisee has the exclusive competence of proposed clients.

2.- Royalty for use of the Brand and advertising fee based on billing.

3.- Variable monthly advertising fee.

4.- Monthly fee for other services if they are hired.

5.- Personalized contractual formula. Request the “SUMMARY TECHNICAL SHEET”, with the offered conditions.

Solicita la “FICHA TÉCNICA RESUMIDA”, con las condiciones ofrecidas.

If you are interested in joining us at “Vallas y Cetcados”, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll meet up soon.

Don’t busy yourself seeking employment! Create it yourself!

If you are keen to set out on a professional journey without the need for prior experiments, we offer this chance for you to gain financial freedom.

Expansion Dept

Clara Martínez. Tel: 643 837 843 –  franquicia@vallasycercados.eu